How it works?

Q: When Can I request Payment?

In order to make it easy for us to serve you better, we have set ₹200 as the threshold limit. This enables us to offer you the best deals, reduce administration costs, cover the promotions, marketing costs, etc.

Considering the amount of cash back and discounts you can get from our site, the limit is quite easy to reach.

Whether you earn this limit in a day or it takes 6 months, you can take your time and sit back and watch the extra cash grow in your account without spending anything extra.​


Q: How and When Will I get Paid?


Payments are made every month on or around the 7th day.We will pay all our members whose approved cashback balance has reached ₹250 or more. Payments are sent through BACS.


Q: How can I earn money with Apna Cashback?

If you are new to our site and not sure how it works, please watch our explainer video. It will explain you the basic concept to get you off and started with earning your cashback from shopping online.

If you are still unsure about anything or have any questions, please submit a support ticket. We are more than happy to help.


Q: I have purchased some Goods through your Apna Cashback, when will I see the cashback in my Apna Cashback account?

It depends on the retailer, some have very sophisticated tracking tools that can identify a sale has been made immediately, others can take few days. We update individual accounts every 48 hours. 


Q: Why isn't my cashback showing?

Reasons for missing cashback or unreported sales.

Thousands of transactions go through our system everyday without any problems and member accounts are updated on a daily basis.
If you have made a purchase and the cashback is not showing in your account this means the transaction is still in the early stages and the merchant hasn't reported to us yet or on a rare occasion the transaction hasn't been tracked.

The usual reasons for orders not being tracked are:
1. Our member was not logged into our site therefore our links weren't used to make the purchase.
2. The purchase was not wholly completed online. If the order was completed on the phone or by any other means apart from using our links to complete the purchase, the retailers will not pay.
3. Our member may not have had cookies enabled in their browser or may have some other security settings preventing the tracking.
4. On the very odd occasion, merchants may have a problem with links tracking. If they do, and we can provide them with all the relevant details of the order, they will verify it and usually pay the cashback.

On all occasions of untracked sales or missing transactions, we will do our best to assist you get your cashback by contacting the relevant shops.


Q: When do I decide my cashback is missing?

We update member's accounts at least once a day, so that your transactions show in your account as soon as details are reported to us from the retailers.

Most purchases you make will show in your account within a day or two, but some of our partners process transactions in batches and only report to us a few times a month. So please allow a week or two before deciding that the transaction hasn't been tracked.

If your account has not been updated to be showing your cashback, please send us a support ticket. Please provide as many details about the purchase as you can (order number, date, membership number, merchant etc.) as this helps and speeds up the retailers investigation process.

We will do our best to get you the cash back for the purchase made and chase it up with the retailer concerned. Please note that the merchants may take several working days to respond and investigate. We will keep you updated on any issues and chase up with the merchant if there are any delays in the matter.


Q: What are the different transaction statuses showing in my account?

There are 4 statuses that can be showing in your account, to indicate what stage your transaction is at.

Pending: The merchant has tracked your transaction but it has not yet been validated. Merchants will usually report a transaction as pending, before they check on payment details, cancellations/returns etc.

Approved: the merchant has approved the transaction and the Cashback has been added to your account.

Reversed/Declined: The merchant has reported to us that they will not pay for this transaction (goods returned, payment failed etc). Sometimes merchants can reverse or fail transactions if they suspect fraud or their terms and conditions are not being adhered. If you think the merchant has failed a transaction by mistake, please submit a ticket with the relevant details of the transaction. We will then contact the merchant and ask them to investigate.

Paid: We have paid you the cashback.


Q: Am I allowed to have more than one account?

Apna Cashback only allows one account per individual and maximum of two accounts per household.


Q: Why is My cashback failed or reversed?

This happens when our partner retailers have analyzed the sale/lead and decided not to pay us. This could be due to one of the following reasons: 

1. You have returned the goods or cancelled the services during the returns period.

2. Your transaction was not fully completed online.

3. Your credit/debit card was rejected.

4. You did not satisfy the conditions of the merchant. 

Only a few merchants have conditions. In these cases, we will describe the merchant description or put on view a "conditions" link where you can look at the conditions attached to the offer.


Q: Why My Transactions are not being Tracked?

If your transactions are not being tracked by Apna Cashback that may be because of the following:

  • Cookies are not enabled on your computer
  • Some programme like antivirus installed by you is preventing the cookies being stored on to your computer.
  • You may have to delete cookies.

So please do make sure your Cookies are Enabled. 


Q: How do I delete my Cookie?

To delete your cookies on Internet explorer do the following:
1. Quit Internet Explorer and quit any instances of Windows Explorer.
2. In Control Panel , double-click Internet Options.
3. On the General tab, click Delete Cookies under Temporary Internet Files, and then click OK.
4. Click OK.

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